Zion's Camp at Far West

Located in northwestern Missouri, Zion's Camp at Far West is 120 acres of beautiful trees, rolling hills, and an unrivaled experience for youth and adults.

Zion’s Camp at Far West Foundation (ZCFW) is a board-directed public charity that chooses to operate its camp according to the standards and values of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), particularly as those standards and values relate to recreational properties. All patrons of and donors to ZCFW should be aware that Zion’s Camp at Far West Foundation is not affiliated with or owned in whole or in part by the LDS Church. Its board members are not directed by or accountable for board decisions to leaders in local LDS Church congregations or any other area, regional, or national organizational or decision making body of the LDS Church. In short, Zion’s Camp at Far West Foundation is an independent and privately funded organization with its own corporate bylaws and organizational mission.

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